5 Must-Know Things Before Buying CPAP Machines And Accessories

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5 Must-Know Things Before Buying CPAP Machines And Accessories

5 Must-Know Things Before Buying CPAP Machines And Accessories

8 April 2021
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Continuous positive airway pressure (CPAP) therapy assists many patients suffering from sleep apnea to breathe comfortably, overcome snoring, and regulate their blood pressure. However, patients have to be content living with CPAP machines every time they go to sleep. When buying these machines or accessories, ensure that you choose those that work well with you. Before you can invest in them, however, here are five things you should know.

Consult Your Health Practitioner First

CPAP machines come in various types with diverse specs based on factors like blood oxygen levels. By consulting the health practitioners, they may recommend a sleep study, which helps determine your unique requirements. After writing down your prescription, they can link you with a dependable supplier from which you'll make your CPAP machine purchase.

Special Features Lessen the Stress Associated With CPAP Use

Some CPAP devices come equipped with unique features like heated humidifiers. This feature is helpful for patients who suffer from irritation, runny nose, and nasal obstruction. You may also opt for equipment that features ramps, which regulate air pressure. That's quite useful as it allows you to readjust your CPAP device as you start using it.

You Have Various Accessory Options

You need different accessories for the CPAP device to function optimally, including CPAP pillows, batteries, software, and power inverters. However, the device's most notable feature is a CPAP mask, which comes in different sizes and shapes. The mask may have chinstraps to secure a patient's jaw, or it may have nasal pillows, which are cone-like devices that fit into the patient's nostrils. Most CPAP masks allow for the fitting of oxygen tubes as well.

Therefore, go over all available options and choose those that satisfy your unique requirements. Choose CPAP masks that don't fit too tightly, but pick those that restrict air leakage. Remember also that you can purchase and alternate between different CPAP masks with unique features, including moisturizers or those with fewer straps and minimal face contact.

The Significance of Sleeping Positions

Before purchasing your CPAP device, it's vital to inquire from the supplier or health practitioner about the best sleeping position. Does the mask allow you to sleep flat on your back, on your stomach, or sideways? While your typical sleep position matters, the face mask you choose and your doctor's advice can define whether you'll change or retain it.

Test It Before Buying It

Finally, before settling on a particular CPAP machine, the supplier offers a trial-and-evaluation period to ensure you're content with your selection. Besides, there is an option of leasing or owning the equipment. Some patients who pay to use the CPAP equipment for over a year can end up owning it.

To learn more, contact a CPAP machine supplier.

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