Four Travel Tips For People With Hearing Aids

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Four Travel Tips For People With Hearing Aids

Four Travel Tips For People With Hearing Aids

24 October 2015
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Traveling can be difficult for people who wear hearing aids. Even with your hearing device, it may be difficult to hear critical information at the airport, your hotel or other unfamiliar places. You may also need to take special precautions while traveling with your hearing aids. Here are some travel tips to make your next vacation or business trip go smoothly.

Arrive Early At The Airport

While everyone is encouraged to arrive at the airport early before a flight, you may want to allow yourself even more time than the recommended 90 minutes before a scheduled domestic flight. This gives you enough time to locate your gate and speak with the gate agent ahead of your flight. Since boarding announcements typically happen over the intercom, ask the agent to notify you when boarding begins so you don't miss your flight. Arriving early also provides time to communicate any special needs you have during the flight. You may want to request to have your seat moved to the front of your seating area so you can be aware if a flight attendant is making an emergency announcement.

Keep Hearing Aid Accessories In Your Carry-On

Just as you would with prescription medication, make sure to keep your hearing aid batteries and tubing in your carry-on. Placing these items in checked luggage means they might get lost in transit, and hearing aid accessories are not always easy to locate. This is especially true if you are traveling to a foreign country.

Ask About Adaptive Equipment At Hotels

Many hotels offer adaptive equipment for people with hearing problems. This equipment can include lights that flash when the telephone rings or when your alarm goes off. You can also purchase these items on your own to bring with you when you travel. Be sure to notify the front desk that you might not be able to hear a knock on your door. The front desk attendant can arrange to have someone call your room when room service or housekeeping arrives at your door.

Keep A Printed Copy Of Your Itinerary With You

Having the names and addresses of places you are staying can make it easy to travel by taxi or private car services when you travel. The front desk attendant at your hotel can use this information to help with check-in and check-out procedures so you don't have to struggle through a conversation. It is also advisable to keep a card in your wallet with the name and phone number of a trusted friend or family member who can be contacted in the event of an emergency.

Traveling with a hearing impairment doesn't have to be intimidating. Follow these steps to ensure you have the best possible experience on your next trip, and be sure to ask your travel agent about any other accommodations that may be available to help make your travels even easier.

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